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The Stanford Creative Writing Program has been established at Stanford University for more than fifty years. Over that time, it has expanded into a vibrant graduate and undergraduate community. Home to the Stegner Fellows!

826 Valencia is a tutoring organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their writing skills, and helping teachers get their students excited about the writing. One of the most innovative learning and teaching communities in the country.

The Rumpus is an online literary magazine covering art, literature, comics, culture, and film. Home to Letters In the Mail, Rumpus Book Club, and of course Dear Sugar.

Scott Hutchins is a writer, teacher, and friend extraordinaire. He is the author of the novel A Working Theory of Love, and he teaches with Tom in the Stanford Creative Writing Program.

Doug Klesch is another friend extraordinaire, as well as being a talented photographer, webdesigner, and founder of the project 99 Americans. He developed this very website that you’re looking at right now.

Ann Fitzmaurice is yes another friend extraordinaire, as well as being an amazing yoga instructor, writer, world traveler, and baker. She is a graduate student in the Creative Writing MFA Program at Queens University.