Zilia Korpas discusses the Photograph “Midnight Circus”

midnight circus

What a lovely surprise! Zilia Korpas — who is the photographer for the Thieves I’ve Known cover — wrote me from Australia, and we had a very nice conversation about the photograph — “Midnight Circus” — and the book. I just wanted to share her experience (below) with taking the photograph.

Thanks Zilia. And… readers can check out more of Zilia’s photographs on Flickr!

The photograph was taken when a circus came into town…Being a photographer i have a lot of ‘bucket list’ type of photo scenarios, images, stories that i would like to tell one day through my photos and being backstage at a circus has always been one of those stories. 

It was summer and i had to drive past this tent at different times of the day, and the sunset light, and the darkness at night it slipped into just lit up my imagination. There were no people around, just the tent, slipping backstage wasn’t an option so i had to make do with just the structure itself sitting alone in a paddock lit on each arch. I just found it a little sinister but at the same time visually lovely. 

That pitch black darkness slipping all around a supposedly happy place, with its red stripes and white fabric deserted with no one around, I just thought it was a great juxtaposition, for want of a better word. 

I just love my job and very seldom get to take photos for myself (its always dictated by clients) so sometimes its nice to see something that grabs my imagination and just shoot for me….for no other reason than it just grabbed me. 🙂

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