Interview with Avant

Avant Greensboro


Julie Joyce of Avant Greensboro offered so many great questions for an interview about Thieves I’ve Known, humor writing, banning books, teaching, reading stories aloud, and encouraging young writers and readers. Thanks Julie! An excerpt…

“It’s a difficult line to walk: Humor and Struggle. The characters in Thieves I’ve Known are mostly teenagers living on the edges of society. They are very much struggling. But I think when you look at children, no matter their circumstances, there is still an element of play. In fact, this is true to a lesser, yet still important extent, in adults too. We don’t necessarily laugh at our larger tragedies, but we find humor in our day to day problems… As a writer, humor is essential — I think anyways – to helping the reader connect to the character. It’s not that I’m leaning specifically toward comedy, it’s more a lean towards a drama that has humor to it.”

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